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Get one billion rising and help end violence against women

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Here's a horrifying statistic: One in three women will be a victim of sexual or physical abuse in their lifetime. That's one billion women around the world.

This is the staggering statistic that prompted Eve Ensler, author of The Vagina Monologues, to launch 'the day to rise' a global campaign that aims to get one billion people rising to end violence against women.

On February 14, the 15th anniversary of V-Day - a global movement to end violence against women and children - communities around the world will gather together in a global day of action to 'rise up', dance and demand change.

It's a grassroots initiative that has already reached 190 countries, uniting communities globally with the aim of focusing a spotlight on gender equality and issues of violence, abuse and the exploitation of women and children.

In each country the campaign has taken on a different meaning. It will encompass the first ever flash mob in Mogadishu, Somalia and Maori women are getting involved in New Zealand. It will also see united protesters campaigning against sex trafficking in Mexico, while efforts in the UK have been concentrated on revamping sex education in schools to open up dialogue about domestic violence.

"It is something that has gone across class, social group and religion. It's like a huge feminist tsunami," Ensler told The Guardian.

While the campaign has had its share of detractors who question what impact dancing can have to stop violence, It's not just about the dancing, says Ensler, it's about what's happening to move violence against women to the "forefront of the agenda"

"It will never be a marginalised issue again. At this point it really feels like a wave with a life of its own."

Andrew O'Keefe, chairman of White Ribbon who have partnered with GirlPower Goddess to host the flash mob event in Sydney said in a press release that the event here is about taking collective responsibility to eradicate the prevalence of violence in the community .

"Whether we know it or not, every single one of us knows someone who is suffering abuse or has experienced violence. So together we have the responsibility, and the power, to be the generation that changes all that."

Will you be in Sydney on February 14th? Get involved.

The Sydney flash mob, organised by GirlPower Goddess and White Ribbon, will take place outside St Mary's Cathedral on College St from 1-2pm. The flash mob will raise money for The Wash house, a shelter for women and children who have been affected by domestic violence.

Click here to register for the event

If you can't make the event, there are other ways to show support: check out the website and see how you can get involved. 



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