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Gift Guide: Finishing your Christmas shopping during your lunchbreak

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Gift Guide: Finishing your Christmas shopping during your lu...

If you took our advice yesterday and managed to get some of your Christmas shopping out of the way during your lunchbreak, we've got you covered for the rest of your list with our second round of gift ideas.


Shop: JB HIFi
Gift: Seinfeld – The Complete Series
Who for? Dad
Why? Have a nagging doubt about the perfect gift for dad and have a feeling he's sick of socks and ties? You can't go wrong with DVD box sets.
Price: $84

Shop: Target
Gift: 50cm Villain / Malice Cyclops bike
Who for? The kids
Why? Summer weather's kicking in and what better excuse to get the kids out of the house and enjoying the fresh air than with a brand new bike?
Price: $79

Shop: Angus Robertson
Gift: Australia Women's Weekly How to Cook Step-by-Step recipe book
Who for? Anyone in your life who's been talking about learning to cook
Why? This book's an instructive guide with helpful photographs illustrating how to create an entire meal from scratch. Perfect for beginners.
Price: $29.99

Shop: Sportsgirl
Gift: Pug candle
Who for? Best friends daughter
Why? There's always a couple of extras you've forgotten to add onto the Christmas list. Kitsch novelty items and candles are easy ptions when doubt strikes. And there's really nothing cuter than a pug.
Price: $5.95
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Shop: George Jensen
Gift: Legacy Bonbonniere dish
Who for? Nan
Why? If your Nan's the type to keep a jar of lollies on hand for anyone who's bound to pop in for a visit, here's a stylish alternative to her old Mason jars.
Price: $115

Shop: Ted's Cameras
Gift idea: Velbon Sherpa 200R Pro Camera Tripod
Who for? Partner
Why? Everyone's a budding photographer these days and if you don't feel like splurging on a brand new camera for your loved one, additional camera accessories are always welcome gifts.
Price: $99.95

Shop: Crumpler
Gift idea: Dry Red No. 5 backpack and laptop bag
Who for? Teenage son
Why? Does it fill you with dread watching your son drag around the laptop he received last Christmas? Crumpler's backpack and laptop bag are practical and stylish enough for his tastes. 
Price? $195.00

Shop: Target
Gift idea: Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Metallica
Who for? Anyone with a baby
Why? This CD transforms the rock classics into instrumental lullabies - a nice alternative for anyone who's sick of hearing Twinkle Twinkle. Say your prayers, little one.
Price: $25

Shop: David Jones
Gift: La Mer The Ageless Collection
Who for? You
Why? It's been a long year and it's time to treat yourself. The Ageless Collection contains a 60 ml jar of the decadent skin cream Creme de la mer.
Price: $790

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