Networking like a commander-in-chief: How to progress your career like a president

If you're feeling overwhelmed by your networking schedule, spare a thought for the US presidential candidates who have spent the past four months shaking hands and posing for photo ops across every city in the United States.

Since accepting the Republican nomination, Romney's attended 36 fundraisers throughout the country , while Obama's made an appearance at 220 fundraising events since announcing his plans for reelection last year.

Their schedules would exhaust anyone, but when the final goal is to secure the job of commander-in-chief, the presidential candidates understand – and fully utilise – the power of networking.

According to The Grindstone, even if our career prospect don't involve the White House and a private plane, we can all stand to learn a a thing or two about networking from the presidential nominees, particularly in enlisting the powerful use of social media in securing new job opportunities.

While we're waiting for the final votes to be counted, check out the very cool infographic on The Grindstone. Obama eclipses Romney in the social media stats, so perhaps today's final results will determine just how powerful the social media network really is.


 Click the image to see the infograph at The Grindstone