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Afternoon Agenda: Mitt Romney election gaffe and more

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Afternoon Agenda: Mitt Romney election gaffe and more
      This is the Women's Agenda quick reading guide for the commute home, with a couple of suggestions for the evening thrown in.


    1. Mitt Romney's not making his tough race against Obama any easier for himself. In a hidden-camera video captured at a private fundraiser and posted Monday afternoon, Romney offered an assessment of Obama's supporters that is far more revealing than any he's said in public.

      Follow the story at Mother JonesRomney Tells Millionaire Donors What He REALLY Thinks of Obama Voters

    2. Amanda Eboski chats with Tamron Hall, and Sheryl Salomon about the inspiration behind the Young, Fabulous & Female event, which aims to provide mentorship to hundreds of aspiring professional African American women.

      Read the story on ForbesThe Power Of Mentorship For Young African American Women

    3. On our sister site The Power Index, Islamic leader Samier Dandan came in at No. 9 on the religion list. He's since been fronting the media in response to the protests in Sydney over the weekend.

      Read the Story on The Power Index: Openly trying to turn the Muslim community into a political force

    4. Driven by tougher market conditions, the top 100 chief executives have taken a major hit to their annual bonuses of more than 20 per cent on average, in levels not seen since 2003.

      Read the story at the Australian Financial Review: Top CEO's take pay cut

    5. For later tonight:

      Today we featured a Q&A with one of Australia’s most celebrated songwriters, Johanna Pigott, so we reckon you should fall in love with the 1980s again with one of the classics she wrote – Rain, by Dragon.

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      Stuck for dinner ideas? Check out Gourmet Chick's recipe for Sumac lamb meatballs and cous-cous. Who doesn't love meatballs? 

      What was part of your conversation today?



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