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Why you should shout about your achievements

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Why you should shout about your achievements

On the whole we women are pretty ordinary at talking ourselves up. Clearly there are a few exceptions but I am deliberately generalising here.

It's where men, in general, have it over us. Women are great at selling in other people. I have listened to so many successful women tell me why someone else is incredible. We need to get better at telling our own stories.

In an effort to assist the process we created the NAB Women's Agenda Leadership Awards. This is your opportunity to tell us your story so we can project you.

The awards will generate interest in a new group of emerging female leaders. We are committed to helping you fill the pipeline of the next generation of leaders in your sector. But the first step starts with you. We need to hear from you.

As well, in the spirit of the sisterhood, we urge you to nominate an amazing woman you know who deserves to be celebrated. And why stop at one?

We need the buy-in of the existing group of leaders for change to take place. Our goal is to name and acclaim as many Change Champions as we can find: men and women in leadership positions who are pushing the gender diversity barrow through their organisations. If you know one, please enter them.

And don't forget your mentor. Since we launched three months ago so many of you have shared that you have a great mentor who was the step-change required for your career progression. Tell us about that person.

I can think of an incredible woman to nominate for each of the categories, and quite a few men who would qualify as Change Champions. I am certain that I'm not alone.

Have you entered our awards? Do it now while it's on your mind.


Click here to enter the NAB Women's Agenda Leadership Awards



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