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Why I can't help but smile when I witness supportive women

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During the opening night of her first tour in about four years at Sydney's State Theatre on Tuesday night, Missy Higgins told her audience that she was a big fan of her female bass player Butterfly Boucher and the opening act, Emma Louise.

Missy talked up Emma Louise, the young woman who had been discovered via the Triple J Unearthed contest. It's a wonderful vote of confidence when someone of Missy's fame and success offers an endorsement. At the end of Emma Louise's set she talked about how Missy had been her inspiration for choosing the music path. The experience was pretty new for her and she said she still couldn't believe she was opening for Missy Higgins. I understand that. It's how I felt when I met Sam Mostyn.

Bass player and singer-songwriter Butterfly Boucher was generously allowed to perform Missy's favourite song off the album she released earlier this year. In the middle of a Missy Higgins concert this performer was able to showcase her talent for a larger audience than she had probably ever previously performed for. What an opportunity for her.

Missy had pulled down the ladder for the next group of female performers to climb up and join her. The music industry is hugely competitive and one in which new and experienced artists go head to head for record sales. This generous star performed a song that she and Butterfly had co-written and then encouraged the audience to buy the one on her co-writer's album. Clearly female friendship and support is more important than winner takes all.

Women can be supportive, loyal and want the best for their friends. I notice this in the workplace too, more often than the contrary.

There is something wonderful about women who go out of their way to push another woman forward. I experienced this recently when entrepreneur, marketer and author Rose Herceg phoned me to say she had recommended me to replace her on the Sydney Symphony Vanguard Collective committee. She told me she thought I was "wonderful" and would be great for the committee. Rose knows of my Board aspirations and has begun championing my skills. She gets nothing out of this apart from my gratitude and friendship.

There are swings and roundabouts and women who help will receive help in return when they need it one day. It happened for Missy Higgins while everyone was waiting for her comeback album.

Enjoy this song from Missy's latest album as you relax into the weekend. Check out this video on YouTube




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