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Is it time to splurge on some new frames?

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Is it time to splurge on some new frames?

Why not update your specs this summer? Skip on heavy black frames and opt for a lighter style instead.

Product Name: Bailey Nelson 'Atticus' frames

Why it's Chic: Anna Wintour famously said 'Geek is now chic', and we have a sneaking suspicion she was talking about these cool frames.

Details: Brown acetate frames. 21mm bridge, 45mm lens.

Who it's for: Anyone who is sick of boring black specs.

What to wear it with: Wear these day in, day out to give any outfit an old school style.

What it costs: $95 (approx.)

Where to buy:

Classic Style Rating: 4/5

How often do you splurge on new frames? Let us know below


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