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Invest in a little luxury and protect your iPhone

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Smythson 'Textured leather' iPhone sleeve

Protect your iPhone and treat yourself to a little luxury with this chic Smythson buy.

Product Name: Smythson 'Textured leather' iPhone sleeve

Why it's Chic: Smythson of Bond St is one of the world's most luxurious leather goods brands, so it's pretty safe to say whatever they make is timelessly chic.

Details: Yellow textured leather (Goat). Fully lined. Snap-fastening fold-over tab. Comes in a blue presentation box

Who it's for: If you have a habit of dropping (and cracking!) phones you may want to invest in a little protection.

What to wear it with: Everything, because where on earth would you be without your phone?

What it costs: US$200 (approx.)

Where to buy: Net-a-porter

Classic Style Rating: 5/5

Would you splurge on a little bit of designer luxury for your phone? Let us know below.



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