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The bank where women make up 38% of management positions

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The bank where women make up 38% of management positions

ANZ wants access to a diverse talent pool, so it knows cancelling out half the population in its bid to secure the best and brightest people is hardly going to help.

As such, it's been making a serious investment to support the advancement of women and is well on its way to meeting a 40% target of representation of women in management, a commitment made in 2005. According to the firm's 2012 interim corporate social responsibility report, the bank's almost there with women accounting for 38.1% of such positions. Meanwhile, 52% of its graduate program participants were female in 2012 and women make up 44% of participants in the bank's Generalist Bankers Program.

ANZ CEO Mike Smith chairs the bank's Diversity Council, is a strong advocate for getting more women on boards and speaks about the issue frequently, especially through his role in Elizabeth Broderick's Male Champions for Change program.

The bank also supported the Gender Workplace Employment Agency's Australian Survey of Women in Leadership and partners with Chief Executive Women.

ANZ currently offers 12 weeks paid parental leave (no matter how long the employee's been with the company), as well as careers leave, childcare services provided externally, breastfeeding rooms and flexible work options covering part-time, job sharing, flexible daily hours and working from home arrangements.



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