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Deputy Director-General -Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing

Feb 19, 2013 23:09PM / Print /

This job is no longer advertised

An opportunity to provide vision, direction and leadership for national parks within Queensland


Job description

This unique role will provide vision, direction and leadership for national parks within the State and be responsible for the overall management of the Division to ensure organisational capability to deliver the Government's agenda.

This position will be responsible for:

• Directing the management of Queensland's protected areas including national parks, state forests, marine parks, world heritage and international agreement areas;
• Provide high-level advice and support in deliberations on the adequacy and currency of legislative arrangements necessary to ensure the long-term protection and preservation of Queensland's protected areas;
• Ensure that systems and guidelines are in place to deliver the continuous improvement in the management of protected areas including natural and cultural resource management and nature-based recreational activities;
• Coordinate the management of major National Parks programs including the Capital Works program, National Parks infrastructure and conservation employment initiatives;
• Sponsor community acceptance of parks and forest management through involvement and consultative working relationship with the community and stakeholders;
• Ensure the development of effective interpretation and education programs for protected areas;
• Ensure the development of operational policies for parks and forest management and develop, implement and evaluate guidelines for the management of protected areas;
• Ensure the development of management plans for parks and forests;
• Ensure that the Division and Regions have ongoing organisational capability;
• Contribute to the development of NPRSR strategic and operational plans;
• Ensure delivery of Division outputs;
• Ensure compliance with all statutory requirements and obligatio