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Deputy Executive Director - Australian Press Council

Dec 16, 2012 22:35PM / Print /

This job is no longer advertised

Work at a high level promoting good standards of media practice and community access to information of public interest


Job description

The Australian Press Council is responsible for promoting good standards of print and online media practice as well as public access to information and opinion on matters of public interest. It is the principal body with responsibility for adjudicating on complaints about Australian newspapers and magazines as well as for an increasing number of websites and other digital outlets.

The Council has decided to establish a new position of Deputy Executive Director to work closely with the executive director and the chair across the range of Council activities.

Based in the Council's office in Sydney CBD, The deputy executive director will require high-level aptitudes in analysis of complex issues of fact and policy; consultation with business and community groups; written and oral communication, with an emphasis on accuracy, clarity and conciseness; general management, including, staff and financial management; apid familiarisation with relevant issues, organisations and contexts; management of a heavy and diverse workload with limited resources.

To discuss the position, please call the Executive Director, Derek Wilding on 02 9261 1930.