10 tips to avoid a hangover

21 Dec 2012

Overindulging at this time of year can be difficult to avoid as the party season gets into full swing and the temptation to eat and drink becomes irresistable. While the consequences of overeating are not immediate, the same cannot be said for binge drinking!

So, here are some suggestions to save your head, liver and reputation.

  1. Eat before going out.


    You absorb alcohol less quickly if there is food in your stomach (and just to be on the safe side – avoid carrots).


  2. Start with a softie

    Chances are you're thirsty. Champagne or vodka and lime is a thirst-quencher with drawbacks!!

  3. Avoid shots

    The devil in teensy weensy glasses

  4. Have mixers in tall glasses

    More mix takes longer to drink.

  5. Don't get caught up in shouts

    An alternative is to just order soft drinks when others are paying and just alcohol when it's your turn, or at least alternate who buys you the alcohol.

  6. Have drinks with lots of ice

    And hang on to the drink until the ice has melted – a good pace-setter (except when it's really, really hot).

  7. If drinking wine consider spritzers

    Dilution is your friend.

  8. Have another appointment to go to later in the evening

    It's easier to be disciplined if you have to front up to another (more sober) crowd in a few hours.

  9. Have a big glass of water before going to bed

    Some of the pain of a hangover comes from dehydration because alcohol acts as a diuretic. Drinking water can help prevent at least this one aspect of a hangover.

  10. ...and if you really can't trust yourself avoid alcohol completely - tell people you are in training, dieting or on anitboitics - there's always an excuse you can use (though they'll all think you're pregnany - assuming you're female - whatever excuse you give.


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