Five career productivity strategies for the New Year

21 Dec 2012

Sometimes the daily 9-5 (or the 7-6 in plenty of cases) can feel like a never-ending stretch of time that leaves you feeling depleted, exhausted and unwilling to take another look at your to-do list.

So how do you accomplish the stack of files in your inbox when your motivation left the building during your lunch break?

We've compiled five recently published stories on productivity to help in keeping you motivated and ready to accomplish that task list in the New Year.

  1. Meredith, Women's Agenda's resident mentor, takes a no-nonsense approach to boosting productivity, suggesting you get started on it now. Check out her ten key tips that include learning to work offline, taking the "get it done in two minutes" approach and evaluating what you're actually trying to get done.
  2. Being an online based publication, we've embraced the 21st century way of getting things done – the one where your phone is permanently attached to your hand. Here's a list of 10 of the best phone apps that'll help you tackle the to-do list.
  3. Encouraging a positive workplace breeds a productive team. Meredith shares her tips on how to keep the mood light and the workload consistent.
  4. If you're gunning for a promotion in the New Year, hard work and initiative will be major factors in your work-day. Here's a productivity action plan to help you on your way up.
  5. Finding productive "me" time is crucial to staying on the path of progress. Focusing 30 minutes a day on productive "me" time allows you to recalibrate, temporarily focus your attention on other tasks (that are still beneficial) and make sure you're forging ahead with your set goals.


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