Four tips for success from a Silicon Valley insider

07 Dec 2012

In her upcoming book Secrets of Silicon Valley, Deborah Perry Piscione, the successful entrepreneur and co-founder behind and Alley to the Valley summit, reveals secrets and insider tips from what she learned during her time in Silicon Valley.

Although not yet published, there's been a high level of interest in the book already. And no wonder: with its unique ability to transform entrepreneurship with unrivalled success, it's no surprise that people are eager to find out how they can embody the culture that drives the Silicon Valley community.

In an intereview with Forbes staff writer Meghan Casserly published today, she shares what she believes can be learned from the women who've made it in Silicon Valley.

Below are are some of the secrets she shared:

  1. "Women here don't apologise for their successes, they own them."


    There's unpretentiousness in how the women of Silicon Valley go about their business, says Perry Piscione. It's not an arrogance that drives their success, but calculated determination and stringent planning.

    "From the salaries they earn to the deals they close to the time away from their kids, the successful women of Silicon Valley are not sorry about their successes—or the sacrifices they've made to achieve them," she tells Forbes.

    She points to one of the most recognised women of Silicon Valley, Sheryl Sandberg, who she says operates around "scheduling, process flow and accountability".

  2. "The sense of community in Silicon Valley is something to be marveled at."


    She counters that because Silicon Valley is a city built on innovationand start-ups, it's created a culture that celebrates the success of others. This mutual celebration is key to developing personal success as well.

    "It's all we do—innovation is the religion we believe in, the sport we play and the air we breathe. As a result, living and working here creates a culture that celebrates success like nowhere else."

  3. Perry Piscione says that the women of Silicon Valley "excel in the ask" and have the rare ability to juggle both pride and modesty.


    "We know too surely that women ask for too little money when seeking funding for their businesses, the strategy is asking for twice as much as you believe you'll need." she tells Forbes.

  4. "Authenticity is such a fundamental characteristic that entrepreneurs simply can't succeed without it."


    For Perry Piscione, this authenticity that she's experienced comes from Silicon Valley founders' "unflinching belief and passion for their business pursuits" and as a result of their commitment, they aren't afraid to speak their mind in order to achieve success for what they are uncompromisingly committed to.

    Silicon Valley women are not concerned about likeability," she says. "They are women who speak what's on their mind without giving a rat's ass about what's being said about them or who's in the room."


Read the Forbes interview with Deborah Perry Piscione

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