How to push back on the CEO ‘advance’

12 Nov 2012

The Power Playbook's Rose Herceg reports from whichever city she finds herself in about the stories she sees in boardrooms, business lunches and dinners across Australia (and sometimes the world).

Time: Too late...
Place: A Sydney bar late at night

The scene: A CEO puts the moves on a lovely young girl. He's drunk, she's nervous and she doesn't want to pick a fight with a guy she actually respects (when sober). Her reflexes kick in and she pushes him away, scoops up her purse and literally runs away...

Power play do-over? (If this woman could turn back the clock and have that moment all over again)

It's a situation no woman (or man) wants to find herself in but it's unfortunately all too common. Because you'll have to see the person again and don't want to live in a state of perpetual awkwardness, a clever out is required. And here's one way..

"It's late, you're a little hammered and tomorrow you'll remember this conversation and wince. Don't worry. Let's act like it never happened and I'll let this one go through to the keeper. I'm going to go home now and I'm thinking you should do the same. See you tomorrow."

Kind. Forgiving. Classy.
Incredibly powerful too.

Next week we take part in a rowdy debate...

Emma Bennison

Emma Bennison is the CEO of Arts Access Australia, and the first person with disability to lead the organisation. Emma has a particular interest in increasing opportunities for people with disability to take up leadership roles both for the benefit of people with disability and the arts and cultural sector. Emma is also a singer and songwriter.

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