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Maintaining calm when you've been passed over for the promotion - again

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Maintaining calm when you've been passed over for the p...

The Power Playbook's Rose Herceg reports from whichever city she finds herself in about the stories she sees in boardrooms, business lunches and dinners across Australia (and sometimes the world).

Time: 4pm
Place: a Sydney office.

The scene: A performance review between a colleague and her boss. Female has been passed over for a promotion (twice) and is angry about it. She accuses her boss of sexism and of running a Boys Club. She storms out of his office, slamming the door on her way out.

Power play do-over? (If this woman could turn back the clock and have that moment all over again)

The last thing you want to do is take this path. It gives you no room to maneuver and you've immediately made it adversarial. There's no going back. Something like this might be better...

"I believe I've earned this promotion. If there is no room for me to progress further in this company you need to explain it to me. Others have progressed doing far less than I have done and I'm backing myself here. I think I've got what it takes. If you don't believe this is true then let's speak openly."

An approach that gives you options and choices to make...
Incredibly powerful too...

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