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How do periods of chaos interrupt your work-life plans?

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Picture yourself in a situation I once faced as a working mum: I was working on the final stages of an important large scale project. I was needed at 10am to attend a crucial meeting of the protagonists as their respective lawyers aimed to close the deal.

The meeting was scheduled on the same morning as my child's kindergarten open day, due to start at 9am.

My husband could not reschedule his day to attend the open day.

So while planning the morning, I optimistically thought: I can juggle this....

I had planned to go to the open morning, stay for 30 minutes, and then rush back to the office in time for the meeting. My daughter was very excited. As I dropped her off with her teacher, an email landed in my inbox – the meeting had been rescheduled for 9.30

What should I have done?

Head straight to work, leaving my disappointed daughter behind in a room full of everyone else's parents?

Or, attend the open day and arrive late for the meeting, thereby leaving my client in the lurch at a critical time?

What would you do?

Do such dilemmas regularly occur in your daily life?

Share your own stories of work life chaos below.

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